When shipping international sea freight, many dangerous goods are incompatible with other substances.

They may react with other dangerous goods shipping internationally or chemicals, or with apparently harmless substances, such as dust, air or water. Dangerous goods can easily come into contact with incompatible substances through spillage or leakage, and may liberate toxic gases, or cause a fire or an explosion. It is a LEGAL requirement that international shipping dangerous goods not compatible with other substances are stored and handled separately so that a loss of containment or interaction cannot cause a serious incident. This can be achieved by use of an impervious barrier or a suitable separation distance.

If dangerous goods prior/during its international shipping have to be segregated by the international seafreight carrier, then the consigner/international shipper must furnish a HOLD HARMLESS LETTER under consigner’s letterhead.

This HOLD HARMLESS LETTER must clearly state:

  1. That the international sea freight carrier and other parties involved in the segregation WILL NOT  be responsible for any damages, loss of cargo etc when the international sea freight carrier/warehouse does the segregation.
  2. Instructions on exactly what is to be segregated and
  3. That the international shipper guarantees to pay to the international sea freight carrier segregation charges.