Air Freight

Cost-effectiveness, Customer Service and Reliability are the back-bone of a successful Air Cargo Operator.

Our value added services are managed by experienced Logistics Specialists who will ask you when the freight needs to arrive; and then tailor the service accordingly.
If there’s flexibility in your delivery date, then our expertise in international markets can save you even more money.
The key to our success is proactive communication with a personal touch.
Our specialists will walk you through the entire process, keeping you involved and informed.

Venix Logix, along with our extensive global network, allows us to deliver reliable Air Freight services to meet your business needs.
We deliver a complete service, whatever your requirements.

Standardized products, express, door-to-door deliveries, heavy loads and transportation of hazardous goods will all be accepted.
Along with our approved carriers, we will ensure that your shipments arrive safely and on schedule.
We pride ourselves on our customer service at Hybrid Logistics Netherlands and around the world.
Whether you are based in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Northern Europe, our global network will cater for your specific Air freight needs – and will take care of you.Cost-effectiveness, Customer Service and Reliability is the back-bone of a successful Air Cargo Supplier.